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Consulting Fee Schedule

Professional Services

Daily rate (7.5 hours) $795.00
Half day (4 hours) $470.00
Hourly rate (billed per quarter hour) $128.00

Full day travel time is not charged when commuting (up to 1.0 hour, one way) can be conveniently arranged before or after normal business hours. The daily fee does not increase if a day's work is extended to include a business dinner.


Reimbursable expenses include telephone calls, postage, document copying charges (e.g. Freedom of Information requests), and travel costs including meals and lodging. Internal charges for photocopies are $.15 per page ($.25 for 11 by 17" pages). Personal auto mileage is billed the current IRS business mileage rate. Secretarial services as needed are billed separately through GILENCO Enterprises at $25 per hour or part thereof.

Special Projects

Quotations of estimated time requirements or aggregate job fees will be prepared upon request for projects. Such projects might include preparation of the following documents: New Drug Applications, ANDAs, master files, 510(k) and PMA medical device submissions, state Right-to-Know reports and air permit applications, EPA TSDF (RCRA) permit applications, CPSC child-resistant packaging exemption petitions, and comments to regulatory agencies about proposed regulations. Other projects could be EPA, OSHA or FDA (CGMP) compliance audits, labeling reviews, MSDS evaluations, and advertising support critique.

Preparation time for quotations will be billed at the hourly rate.

Prepayment Credits

A 3 day retainer payment qualifies for a .5 hour credit and a week (5 day) retainer yields a 1.0 hour credit. Credits are used when the prepaid amount for work and expenses is completed.

Payment Policy

Payment is expected upon receipt of the invoice. Invoices pending beyond 30 days accrue interest at one percent per month on the outstanding balance.

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